miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Petition letter

Dear local authorities, 
We are Nicole Dons Blaedel and Guadalupe Lazaro; we are students from Newlands school. We are writing to make reference and complain against the situation people of Calcutta are facing these days.
First of all Kolkata is one of the most notorious examples of the way in which problems are created when cities grow quickly. These problems are severe besides they have lack of recourses and care. The main problem is LACK OF HOUSING; many families have no home over than the pavement. Over a quarter million people are forced to sleep in the open.
Secondly there is PROVISON OF SERVICES: these supplies could clean water, schools and hospitals, but on the other hand it costs a large amount of money. So more than the half of the local buildings don’t have electricity.
In my opinion these people don’t deserve these kind of treatments, since they are as human as the rest of the people.

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