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Great Gatsby's work.

After two years I remembered that day and the following with the police and the photographers on Gatsby’s door. There was a rope across the gate and a police kept out the curious except some boys that discovered they could enter through my yard. Catherine swore that her sister never saw Gatsby and that she loved her husband. Finally Wilson was reduced from “mad man” to “deranged by grief” and the case rested there. I was on the side of Gatsby and since I phoned the news every single question was referred to me. I called Daisy but she and Tom had gone and they didn’t leave address either when they would return.I wanted to get somebody for him, so I called Meyer Wolfsheim but he was not in his office.
The next morning I sent the buttler to New York with a letter to Wolfsheim asking him for information and saying if he could come to Long Island. But he didn’t come and neither Daisy. When the buttler came with the answer I had a feeling of anger. The letter said that he was too busy with a problem he had and he couldn’t leave from New York but he would help if I needed anything. He also told me that he didn’t know any relatives of Gatsby.
That afternoon the phone rang, I thought it was Daisy but it was a man called Slagle talking about a wire that I never received. I told him  that I was not Gatsby and that he had died.
The third day a wire arrived from Minnesota signed by Henry C. Gatz. Telling that the funeral had to be postponed until he arrived. It was Gatsby´s father a weak and serious man. With the eyes full of tears. He told me he got to know about the death because of the new from Chicago.
When he saw the size of the lobby and how many rooms the house had his pain mixed with pride.
That night Klipspringer called but not because of Gatsby’s death instead because he had left a pair of tennis on Gatsby’s house! I told him if he could come to the funeral but he said he was in Greenwich with some friends and he would do everything to come but he was not sure.
The morning before the funeral I went to Wolfsheim’s office were he let me enter and he started telling me about the first time he met Gatsby. When he finished I told him about the funeral, as he was his most intimate friend he would come but he couldn´t because he didn´t want to get involed in the death.
When I returned I saw Gatz excited walking through the house proud of what his son had. He told me that Gatsby went to see him every two years and since he got his money he was very generous with his father.
When the priest arrived Gatz and I started looking through the windows looking if somebody came to the funeral. After half an hour we decided to go to the cementery. When we got there I realize that Daisy wouldn´t come. Suddently I heard someone was coming behind me and there she was, Daisy. Crying she hugged me and told me:
_sorry to be late.
We listened to the rest of the funeral and at the ending of the funeral we talked. She told me where she had been. She went to New York with Tom to rest some days. Immediately when she knew the notice she returned.
After his funeral I returned to Minnessota with my family lefting everything behind.
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