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Freeze frames "The Tempest"

"My brother and thy uncle, called Antonio- I pray thee mark me, that a brother should be so prefidious- he, whom next thyself of all the world I loved, and to him put the manage of my state, as at that time through all the signories it was the first, and Prospero the prime duke, being so reputed in dignity, and for the liberal arts without a parallel; those being all my study, the goverment I cast upon my brother, and to my state grew stranger, being transported and rapt in secret studies, thy false uncle- Dost thou attend me?"

"Being once perfected how to grant suits, how to deny them; who t' advance, and who to trash for over-topping: new created the creatures that were mine, I say, or changed' em, or else new formed' em; having both the key of officer, and office, set all hearts i'th' state to what pleased his ear"

"So dry he was for sway- wi'th' King of Naples to give him annual tribute, do him homage, subject his coronet to his crown, and bend the dukedom yet unbowed- alas, poor Milan- to most ignoble stooping"

"A treacherous army levied, one midnight fated to th' purpose did Antonio open the gates of Milan, and i' th' dead of darkness the ministers for th' purpose hurried thence me, and thy crying self"

"In few, they hurried us aboard a barque, bore us some leagues to sea, where they prepared a rotten carcass of a butt, not rigged, nor tackle, sail, nor mast- the very rats instinctively have quit it. There they hoist us to cry to th' sea, that roared us; to sigh to th' winds, whose pity sighing back again did us but loving wrong"

"By providence divine, some food we had, and some fresh water, that a noble Neapolitan, Gonzalo, out of his charity- who being then appointed master of this design- did gave us, with rich garments, linens, stuffs, and necessaries which since have steaded much. So, og his gentleness, knowing I loved my books, he furnished me from mine own library, with volumes that I prize above my dukedom"

The story of Sycorax.

The fight between Prospero and Miranda with Caliban.

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